Executive Message

Mahir Ilham Abdal

Over past few years, the Iraqi Kurdistan witnessed and was blessed with unprecedented growth in he country’s pursuit of progress. The growing economy fuelled the development of various sectors, among which the construction.
As a Construction Company, Al-Amar Al-Hadeth (Modern Constructions) was established based on Integrity, Honesty, Trustworthiness, Commitment to Quality & Safety, Teamwork and Respect which form its Core Values and Ideals. Today, we remain devoted to the same Principles and Objectives that have driven our success over the last fifteen years.

These values are ingrained into our company’s culture and are followed in every aspect of our business operation through four major tenets: No compromise on produced Quality, Timely Completion of Projects, Continuous investment in Human Resources Development, and a strong commitment to Client Satisfaction.

We know that success is never achieved overnight. Accordingly, and in little more than one and a half decade we have built on sound foundations to create a strong company staffed by over 2,000 individuals whose collective team spirit and proactive contribution ensure that we remain leaders in our field.